• C++
  • multi-platforms (Win 7, XP, Debian)
  • license:  GPL3
  • Dependances: Boost, Qt, CGAL
  • Compilation:  cmake
  • versionning: mercurial



Code_TYMPAN provides a Human Machine Interface it helps to:

  • Build 3D realistic geometries
  • Define the objects acoustical properties (allows xml and excel import)
  • Choose the calculation parameters and execute the calculation
  • Analyze and export the results for further analysis


Calculation methods

Code_TYMPAN is able to run calculation using different solvers:

The freeware version includes only one solver called DefaultSolver based on the ISO9613 standard with a homogeneous ground model combined with lateral diffractions.

Others solvers could be found in the source Code and are still under development:

  • AcousticRayTracer static library: Optimized (straight)  ray tracer works properly. Ray selection must be improved. Targeting could be improved.
  • AnalyticRayTracer static library: Curved ray tracer (brut force algorithm) works properly. Could be optimized using acceleration structure. Is used to calculate the transformation in ANIME3D
  • ANIME3DSolver dynamic library: Attenuation along rays need further works to be validated and fine-tuned


Additional information